Month: June 2015

Impact Investing: Aligning Your Portfolio with Your ValuesImpact Investing: Aligning Your Portfolio with Your Values

Impact investing, the art of aligning financial goals with social and environmental values, is gaining prominence. This article explores how investors can make a positive impact while seeking financial returns.

Understanding Impact Investing: Impact investing involves supporting companies or projects that contribute to positive social or environmental change. This could include renewable energy initiatives, community development projects, or companies with ethical business practices.

Measuring Impact: Investors in this space not only look at financial returns but also assess the positive influence their investments have on society and the planet. Impact measurement metrics vary but often include social, environmental, and governance factors.

Incorporating Impact into Portfolios: Investors can integrate impact investments into their portfolios through various financial instruments, including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and direct investments in impact-focused enterprises.

By exploring impact investing, individuals can contribute to positive change while potentially achieving their financial goals.